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Miami Beach Convention Center - Thursday, October 2, 2014 - 10:30 am to 4:00 pm (Seminars begin at 9:00am)


Get the tools and information you need to manage your condo or HOA more efficiently. 


Regional and national experts will offer insights into the latest industry trends and best practices in legal oversight, financing, maintenance, renovations, energy efficiency, administration, communication and more. 


Bring your questions to these lively, informative sessions and come away with a clear blueprint for improved management for the future.

Miami Beach Convention Center



  • Attend informative seminars
  • Learn from industry leaders
  • Get your questions answered by experts
  • See the latest products and services



  • Join hundreds of professionals
  • Meet industry peers
  • Make new business and social connections



  • Reduce your management costs
  • Improve board relations and communications
  • Streamline your administrative systems
  • Benefit from cutting-edge services and products
  • Stay ahead of new legal developments
  • Manage your condo or HOA proactively
















Condo, HOA's and Property Management Expo & Seminars

 Note: Because of time constraints, many courses may take place simultaneously.  Please scroll down the page to see all available course options so that you may plan your day accordingly.

We are adding to our list of presenters regularly.  Please check back often for updates.  

Board Certification Course - 2 CEU's (BC/OPP)
9am - 11am
PRESENTED BY: Gary Mars, Esq. - Siegfried Rivera Hyman Lerner De La Torre Mars Sobel PA
Fulfill your legally mandated education requirements while learning valuable and integral information in this comprehensive board member certification course. Topics discussed will include condominium management and operations, proper procedures for board member election, budgeting and fiscal responsibilities, as well as an overview of current condominium laws to assist in the understanding of board members' legal duties. This course has been approved by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. (Course #9626111)

Maintenance, Rules and Fines Enforcement - 2 CEU's (ELE)
PRESENTED BY: Andrew Cuevas - Cuevas & Associates, P.A.
Learn how to enforce the rules and restrictions in your property. This comprehensive course will cover topics such as maintenance arrears, interest and late charges, and procedures for collection of maintenance arrears. Also discussed will be estoppel letters, demand letters, and foreclosure action. (Course #9626730)

2014 Legal Update - 2 CEU's (LU2)
PRESENTED BY: Michael Bender - Kaye Bender Rembaum Attorneys at Law
Get updated on legislative changes made in 2014. This course will discuss the pros and cons of the changes made by legislature, how they affect your community, and how they impact collections from tenants in delinquent units, suspension of use rights, fire-sprinkler retrofit extensions, and foreclosure practices. Gain a bird’s-eye- view of legislation workings its way through the Capital. (Course #9626950)

A Basic Understanding of National Flood Insurance - 2 CEU's (IFM/ELE)
9:15am - 11:15am
PRESENTED BY: Javier Delgado & Shaun Marker - Merlin Law Group
Gain useful information and an understanding of flood insurance under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) for community associations. Learn how to to list key property insurance coverages relevant to condominium associations, recoverable damages, and the steps needed to prepare a proof of loss in the event of a flood loss. (Course #9627177)

Waterproofing & Painting Essentials - 1 CEU (OPP)
PRESENTED BY: M2E Consulting Engineers
Learn about the importance and essentials of waterproofing and painting your building. This course will examine the best ways to preserve and prolong the life expectancy of your building while protecting its use and contents. (Course #9626424)

Mold in My Building: What Do I Do? - 1 CEU (OPP)
12:30pm - 1:30pm
PRESENTED BY: Michael Zawaki - Presentation Dynamics
By understanding the risks and the process of documentation and clean-up, property managers can take action to provide the necessary solution to mold and related issues while protecting the interests of owners, tenants, the association, and the management company. This course provides all of the answers you need to identify and deal with mold in your condominium association. (Course # 9626283)

Board Member Strategy & Alignment
12:30pm - 1:30pm
PRESENTED BY: Jane Bolin - PeytonBolin, PL
This course is for board members and property managers who want to make a difference! Often association board members think of themselves as volunteers, rather than volunteers who run the business of the association. All successful companies plan and deliver on a strategy to meet the bottom line. Come learn how to do the same for your community association!

Techno Survival - 1 CEU (HR/ELE)
PRESENTED BY: Lorraine Megdanis - Presentation Dynamics
Gain a better understanding of the recent growth and innovation in technology, social media and the internet. Learn the advantages, disadvantages, and risks of using social media to communicate both personally and professionally in your condominium or homeowners association. (Course #9626697)

Budgets and Reserves - 1 CEU (IFM)
12:45pm - 1:45pm
PRESENTED BY: Patrick Flynn - Florida DBPR
Learn the basics of budget preparation, including the purpose of the budget, the adoption process, budget components, and noticing requirements. This course also covers the different reserve types and how to calculate or waive funding to them properly in your association. (Course #9626440)

Meeting the State Recycling Mandate
12:45pm - 1:15pm
PRESENTED BY: Jesse Rittenhouse - Progressive Waste Solutions
The state of Florida identifies recycling as a top priority and has mandated for a 75% recycling goal by the year 2020. Most condominiums and HOAs are simply not addressing this goal or recycling whatsoever. Learn best practices to help your condominium or HOA reach the 75% mandated goal while benefiting the environment, community, and your budget.

Disaster Response / Planning - 1 CEU (OPP)
2:45pm - 3:45pm
PRESENTED BY: Michael Zawaki - Presentation Dynamics
Water intrusion, leaks, fires, and natural disasters such as hurricanes can have huge effects on a Condominium Association. Many times, the expense is shared between the Association, owners and insurance policies. Unfortunately, these emergencies never seem to happen during normal working hours and almost always require emergency action. Learn how to prepare for and respond to natural disasters effecting your condominium association and explore in-depth analysis of how to negotiate pricing up-front with restoration companies before an emergency situation arises.

Difficult Unit Owners...Not In My Building! - 1 CEU (HR/ELE)
3pm - 4pm
PRESENTED BY: Lorraine Megdanis - Presentation Dynamics
Learn to develop more positive techniques to handle difficult unit owners in your building. This course will discuss traits of successful Property Managers and Board Members, the difference between managing in a robust economy and declining economy, and how diversity can impact management techniques. (Course #9626429)

"Vida en el Mundo de Condominios" (Spanish Board Certification) - 2 CEU's (BC)
3pm - 5pm
PRESENTED BY: Dania S. Fernandez, Esq. - Dania S. Fernandez & Associates, P.A.
"Vida en el Mundo de Condominios" is a spanish DBPR approved Board Certification course. The course incorporates Association laws, Board duties and responsibilities, handling a board meeting, insurance requirements, collection tactics, budget, elections and assessments. Throughout the course, all guests will be encouraged to participate in question and answer dialogue.

40 Year Recertification of Buildings - 1 CEU (OPP/ELE)
3:15pm - 4:15pm
PRESENTED BY: Siegfried Rivera Hyman Lerner De La Torre Mars & Sobel, P.A.
Review the history and basics of the 40 Year & Older Building Safety Program, now in effect in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Explore the importance and benefits of the program, and learn how to prepare for and schedule your recertification. (Course #9626901)

Guide to Rent Retrievals and Receiverships - 1 CEU (OPP/ELE)
3:15pm - 4:15pm
PRESENTED BY: Jay Solo & Attorney Rhonda Hollander - FPM Force
This course provides an explanation of benefits of receivership while describing the various laws regarding receivership and Associations. Learn how free receivership programs are available to Associations that can collect and pay their entire delinquent balance owed, avoiding the statutory 'Safe Harbor'. (Course #9626546)